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  • ITT Conoflow FR95 Regulators

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    ITT Conoflow FR95 Regulators

    Conoflow's FR95 Series Airpak®, Filter-Regulator is used to provide clean, accurate air to instruments, valves, positioners, transducers and other pneumatic control devices. This light-weight design provides high flow capability, durable materials of construction and bubble tight shut-off. The FR95 Regulator has a maximum supply pressure capability of 250 PSIG (1724 kPa) with control output settings of 0-25, 0-60 and 0-125 PSIG.

  • ITT Conoflow GH20 Regulators

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    ITT Conoflow GH20 Regulators

    ITT Conoflow’s Service (GH20 Series) and Pressure Reducing (GH24/25 Series) Regulators are rugged units with flow capacities and performance characteristics which allow the units to operate in both instrument and industrial applications. Maximum supply pressure ratings for the GH20 Series are 200 PSI (1379 kPa), 300 PSI (2068 kPa) for stainless steel models and the GH24/25 Series are rated at 250 PSI (1724 kPa).

  • ITT Conoflow GH10 Regulators

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    ITT Conoflo GH10 Regulators

    Conoflow’s GH10 Manual Loading Regulators are precision
    units designed for use in laboratory environments, remote loading of pneumatic devices, speed changers and other general purpose applications.

    The GH10 is available in brass, aluminum or stainless steel construction and combinations of the same. Maximum supply pressure ratings on brass units are 200 PSI while stainless steel models are rated at 300 PSI.

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