One of our longest-standing relationships, the George E. Booth Co., Inc. represents Brooks Instrument. Every day, flow customers all over the world turn to Brooks products for solutions to their gas and liquid low-flow applications. Brooks provides an array of flow measurement and flow control instruments for dozens of industries from biopharmaceuticals, oil and gas, fuel cell research and chemicals, to medical devices, analytical instrumentation, semiconductor manufacturing, and more. In fact, numerous brand preference studies rate Brooks variable area meters (rotameters) and thermal mass flow meters and controllers at the top of their category for accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and flexibility. 


Brooks products are only half the story. In every corner of the globe, our customers are backed by unsurpassed technical support. Your local Brooks sales representatives possess years of experience solving application challenges like yours. They’re trained to help you select the optimal solution for your flow measurement and control needs.

If you’re serious about improving your process yields and product quality, choose Brooks Instruments from the George E. Booth Co., Inc.