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2021 Process Training Opportunities

As 2021 settles into place, George E. Booth Co., Inc. has a full slate of informational course opportunities prepared for the new year.

A leading distributor of process instrumentation products in the Midwest region since 1963, George E. Booth Co., Inc. opened its state-of-the-art Process Training Unit in 2014. The Process Training Unit features a multifaceted training program delivering instrumentation training to engineering, maintenance, and operations personnel who desire all levels of instruction.

In 2021, the unit -- based in Romeoville, Ill. -- is set to host 30 offerings of 10 unique courses that run the gamut of topics within the process industry. 

“We’re thrilled with the opportunities we have to offer in the 2021 calendar year,” general manager Troy Boardman said. “This year’s course schedule is rife with compelling course material that we’re very much looking forward to presenting.”

Within the first quarter of the year, George E. Booth Co., Inc. is set to host six different courses; the year will kick off January 25-29 to Basic Instrumentation (I-102), before two valve-centric classes -- Valve Class (V-101) and Valves 201 -- take place in February.

Offered during the second week of March, as well as in June and October, Process Analytical Technologies & Systems is a specialty course that includes a detailed overview of gas chromatography technology and analyzer hardware including support gases and valves, as well as spectroscopic technologies, column technologies and detector technologies.

By way of these and many more professional courses throughout the year, George E. Booth Co., Inc. has one main objective -- to educate and advance the process industry. The unit’s courses are intended to be “manufacturer-agnostic;” they’re not biased toward or marketing of a particular brand. It’s all about education.

“It’s vitally important that we provide knowledge to industry,” Boardman said. “Our training programs have proven to be a successful way of accomplishing that over the years.”

Those interested in registering for one of this year’s courses should reach out to for a quote or for more information on how the cost of these programs can be subsidized via grants.


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