HOLISTIC PROVIDER (n.): An all-encompassing, one-stop-shop partner that will work with you on any and all of your product, service and project execution needs. (ex.: George E. Booth Co., LLC)

Are you looking for just a supplier or a partner?

In understanding that you have a great deal of planning and execution to take place for a project, do you look for a vendor, or would you prefer to work with a partner? What's the difference? 

A partner is going to work alongside you to help offer solutions that meet your needs along with weighing multiple cost options. Do you need help in understanding what type of instrument or valve you may need for the process? 

Do you confidently know what questions you may need answered to be assured that you have the correct instrument (device) that meets the demands of your process? 

What should you be expecting out of a partner?

WE ARE a holistic provider

In searching for a partner, it's important that you engage with someone that can offer you a wide range of products and options within the process industry.

How beneficial may it be to work with someone that can provide a multitude of solutions, while also understanding how they will impact your process?

Time may be saved by utilizing a holistic provider that also is able to start up and commission those devices in an efficient and timely manner.

Once engaged in the execution of a project, do you have a preference in working with multiple contacts and vendors or have a single, knowledgeable, point of contact to turn to when needed?

As your full-service partner, George E. Booth Co., LLC will help and work with you every step of the way. 


  • Are you looking to engage with partners that promote and share the latest technology available?
  • Do you require someone that is looking at capital expenditures along with the effects on operational expenditures?
  • What can Technology do to help save on costs?
  • Do you need to understand the effects of Technology on soft costs that may or may not be seen in the project scope timeline?

This could be important to your company or client. Make sure to check how knowledgeable your suppliers are on the latest developments and cost saving products.


Will instrumentation and controls play a role within the project to better control the process? Do you have an understanding of what gains can be made to help find a Return on Investment faster? Will better control allow for a higher product quality, reduced cost overruns, or minimized cost of your raw materials? 

How can better control and visibility to the process save you time and money?


Make sure you talk to your supplier about R.O.I., schedules, and your CapEx for a successful project. See if they can help you with questions like:

  • Is it important to show an initial Return on Investment within the CapEx spending cycle?

  • How can we reduce spend before the OpEx stage?


Who will be your MIV/MAC and will they provide support?

In developing a project scope, has consideration of a Main Instrumentation Vendor (MIV) or Main Automation Contractor (MAC) come into the discussion? The process would allow for you to have single point of contact for all instruments and controls. Is it important to have single point of contacts for accountability? Make sure to speak with your potential partners up front about this.

Warranty timing is critical.

What is the expectation for Warranty within the project scope? Warranty periods normally start when the equipment is shipped from the manufacturer. Will the instruments be installed and operational within a short amount of time, or will they be installed several months after delivery? Is it important to understand the needs and timing of warranty scope?

Delivery management can be a huge headache.

Understanding lead times may vary by product and many projects require the delivery of some items in the early stages and others to be shipped to a skid builder or contractor. Do you have adequate and safe storage for components when delivered to the site? This would allow for access to these devices when needed on-site by contractors. The goal is to have the tagged instruments ready and available to keep the project moving along smoothly.

Engineering support can jumpstart a project.

Do you need embedded engineering support for your project? Are you adequately staffed with Engineering support to meet the demand of the project timeline? Consider looking for a provider that can help develop specifications, sizing, 2D & 3D drawings, and model code execution for products. The position would allow for help early in a project and could extend all the way through execution and commissioning.

Know lead times before committing.

Make sure your supplier has a solid line of communication with the manufacturer to understand lead times and orchestrate ordering so everything shows up on time.

Who will own scheduling and planning?

Do you need help with the logistics of your project? For example, do you have room to stage all equipment based upon lead times and when you may need the instruments on-site? Do you have the ability to keep track of all items and have them available when needed?


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How a committed service partner can help throughout the life-cycle.

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Let George E. Booth Co., LLC and Endress+Hauser be your full-service partner.


George E. Booth Co. LLC has partnerships that allow us to offer our customers a great deal of engineering support for project execution. 

Our engineers offer specification review and quoting on a basic level and, at an advanced level, we can provide an embedded engineer to support your team. 

The engineer can be involved in writing specifications, developing 2D and 3D drawings and will work to assure that you have the correct device for your application. They can also help with project execution to make sure that your components arrive when you or your contractor needs them.


Most large projects should have a single point of responsibility for MIV/MAC and the following support. We provide this to help guarantee your project gets up and running as smoothly as possible and stays running.


George E. Booth Co. LLC has a long history in the process world and we have partners that offer products used in conjunction in projects. 

Many customers would like to minimize vendors for a project and have a single point of contact in executing their project and we can help. 

We can bring together our partners and their expertise to assure that your requirements are met.