Instrumentation that controls your quality-critical processes needs regular maintenance, validation and calibration. George E. Booth Co., LLC provides timely, traceable cost-effective calibration services with clear and concise calibration certificates that conform to ISO 17025.

We perform all aspects of calibration, from in-situ testing to fully-accredited factory calibration. Your equipment is calibrated at the right time to ensure optimal process performance at minimum cost.


Scheduled Start Up/Commissioning | There is an ever-increasing demand for “Start Up” services. With the increase in sophistication of process control and measurement products, combined with shrinking in-house staff to perform these services, having trained experts to ensure proper installation, calibration and operation is vital to achieving proper process control from the beginning of an instrument’s life cycle.

Emergency Service Calls | Upon request, we can provide critical mass personnel on short notice to repair/re-validate and/or re-calibrate instruments that have failed.


 Extended 3-Year Warranty on all instruments that have Start Up Service purchased with the instrument

Technical service when you need it – our technicians are located across the entire five-state George E. Booth Co., LLC service territory

ISO 17025-certified portable calibration rigs – flow/temperature/pressure calibrations can be performed on-site without the need to send instruments back to the factory
On-site calibration is performed by factory-trained and certified technicians. Calibration facilities are ISO 17025-certified

Clear and concise calibration certificates